Lola's Frozen Yogurt

Our Story:

As mothers we often look daily for healthy alternatives to our everyday lifestyles. Our lives can sometimes get extremely busy, where healthy alternatives is definitely not the easiest way to quickly prepare something. But at Lola's we can offer that quick, tasty, yet extremely healthy alternative.

We have traveled all over the country to bring you the greatest tasting and most healthy frozen yogurt that there is to offer. Yes, that is correct! An extremely delicious treat yet loaded with tons of health benefits. We have combined every great idea and brought it together to make Lola's Yogurt.

Lola's has a very special meaning to us. Our family comes from the Philippines. And in our native language "Lola" means "Grandma." As a family, we make that weekly visit to a family member's home; usually our Lola's to share a meal. We believe that food that is prepared together and enjoyed together is the best type of food.

Being at Lola's house, we learned how to make everything from scratch. We learned how to make homemade ice cream, pies, cookies, pancakes, basically you name it we all were involved in creating it. This is what we want to bring to you. We want you to feel like you have walked into your own "Lola's house" and create your own one of a kind "Lola."

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